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PLMC must reach out to Hydration to hydrate the entire ecosystem with coffee

With Polimec now you can be the VC!

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Coffee Hydration ☕️🧊

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Could you provide me details on what faction of supply is still vested? From the Docs it seems quite high and I am not sure about price discovery in that case. I don't mean to be offensive or accusatory here but what's to stop early investors from using omnipool as exit liquidity as they unlock?


Polimec >>> Enter the OMNIPOOL >> HIGHER

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hey how are you, thank you very much for the post

Although I obviously want polimec tradable in Hydration, for now I think it would be better with an isolated pool


  • not enough time for the discovery price, it's just been 6 weeks since the token was launched, too new
  • distribution, really the majority of the circulating supply is just the Treasury

That means that there is still almost all the vesting of the early investors ahead.

given the correlation of the assets in the Omnipool, that is why my suggestion that a token be tradable for at least 8 months, thus at least avoiding those first months of vesting

so for the moment I would recommend starting with an isolated pool ( already permissionless so can create at any time) and sone months later, preferably at least 8 months the referendum to the Omnipool

In the isolated pool it will still be possible to be a router via Omnipool with other assets, so the user will not notice the difference 🙌

If im reading wrong the info, ofc can correct me, thanks


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AYE, i want PLMC in the OMNIPOOL and the possibility to buy/sell on Hydration Network
Time to make more decentralize the token!

Gl guys

Nachito I Hydrated Agent #14

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