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hey how are you, thank you very much for the interest and it is good to see these initiatives

However, I think that the model you mention is very similar to what is planned in the HydraDX roadmap.

"XCM swaps" ( check the last items on https://hydradx.substack.com/p/hydradx-monthly-september-2023

Can you indicate how it would be different?


hey sir, so far it still seems more like a use of our sdk than adding new features, so honestly so far I'm not very excited, but will check all

Do you already have an estimate of who and how many are going to use this SDK? Is there interest in it?


hey @Jose Crypto , we are not proposing to improve the SDK. Your hydraDx core team would be best suited for that.

We are a team asking the question,

"how can we make pallets across all the parachains more accessible and connectable, all in one place?".

We're focussed on what can be built over cross-chain infrastructure, and aiming to remove the inefficiencies in each community's product/app silos, connecting all the APIs in one builder like "zapier for web3".

We are token free and open-source, and getting some decent interest from initial users, and just beginning to add features.

Re: funding strategy, the main product features gets grants from the main treasuries (Polkadot, W3F, Kusama), this is for building the main canvas based platform and all the main blockchain primitives, such as gov, multisig, staking, etc; but for specific parachain pallet features (like swaps) we are going to request grants from the respective parachain community treasuries (if they have one).

So though it may not scratch the itch for SDK enhancements, as we provide more examples for everyone to use, it should become apparent how much value it can be to hydradx community and the ecosytem as a whole.



Another good use case for enabling swaps for XCMSend using the omnipool, would make it a lot easier for new users to convert DOT on polkadot, swap it with omnipool and send it to the parachain, enabling users to do so in a simple drag and drop interface. A good case study of this can be found here: https://xcmsend.github.io/teleport/interlay.html

Another cool use case is letting web2 and frontend developers create an interface, drag and drop together a scenario with xcmsend then execute the transaction using xcmsend as a backend. Without needing to learn how to integrate with polkadot, its typesystem and polkadot.js, developers can now just drag and drop the transaction flow, and feed the scenario with custom input from their frontends. Opening up a lot of possibilities for people to create an application that interacts with the dotsama ecosystem.

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