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Incentivizing vDOT Liquidity Farming with BNC and HDX During The 2nd Batch of Crowdloan DOT Expired

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hey sirs thank you for the discussion and I think that in general I am in favor

Although I would like to understand a little more about the referal section: does it mean that the vdot has already been minted via xcm, instead of being subject to a 10% rewards fee, with that ref link, it would drop to 8%? (20%) and this is only during the duration of the incentive? Or how is applied?

Or is more than users that use ours ref link ( fro HydraDX) , we will get the 20% of the rewards of these users.

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Dear All,

It's a very great topic.
Without incentive it's not interesting to add vDOT inside OmniPool due to IL risk.
With this one, Hydra DX became an option where to put vDOT.

Best Regards,

No Risk - No Fun

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I'm so excited!
Thought it will never happen and it happened! Thank you hydraDX and Bifrost teams!

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Really pleased to see this proposal go live - I have verified that the call will indeed:

  • schedule for 16th Jan:
    • increase the cap of vDOT in the Omnipool to 22%
    • create global farm for BNC rewards with 32,876 BNC
    • create global farm for HDX rewards with 913,242 HDX
    • create yield farm for HDX rewarding vDOT from above global farm

The Bifrost foundation will create the yield farm for BNC rewards on vDOT once this proposal has been enacted.

All-in-all an estimated 30D LM campaign, aiming to capture $4M TVL for vDOT (so ~$3M above current) with 5% APR BNC & 5% APR HDX 👀

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FYI HydraDX Community,

The reward data for this proposal has been updated to 36,165 BNC + 821,918 HDX (value ratio 55%:45%) as a reward for Global Farm. However, during our chopstick testing with the HydraDX Team, we tested and submitted to Democracy using a 50%:50% value ratio of the existing proposal, which resulted in a deviation in information synchronization.
As DOT Unlock is approaching, we kindly recommend maintaining the current state of this proposal. Bifrost will include additional BNC rewards in the upcoming incentive event with HydraDX.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay hydrated!


Leezz gooo !!


hi all, I'm a bit confused. I still have quite a bit of locked HDX - does it not linearly vest? or am I supposed to do something to unlock it?